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Plain & Simple

We here at Carazor believe that you the dealership deserves better. When searching for online marketing solutions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of providers out there. When looking for a partner who provides marketing solutions, you need a firm on top of their game.

With our experience and industry knowledge, you can expect to find exceptional service as well as innovative state-of-the-art, products guaranteed to help you achieve maximum results. We offer a range of features specifically designed with your needs in mind to help you generate more revenue.

Better Experience

Every tool is specifically designed for the motor dealership industry with the aim to keep your inventory current, we are able to power your dealership turnkey systems to enable you to reach new customers. By engaging and inviting new customers to explore your inventory with the use of some of our technology you will be able to engage with more potential clients therefore increasing you sales. With our technology, passion and industry know-how, we can give you the results needed to stay on top of the industry.

Win New Customers

Though there are many companies out there who can offer marketing solutions, few of them have experience in the auto industry.

Also, even fewer of them are able to delivery powerful tools aimed at making you more profitable. Check out our clients websites here for an example of our work.

Management System

It's a challenge that is undoubtedly unavoidable. As a result, you demand solutions that are as dependable as the cars in your inventory. Partnering with dealers, Carazor strives to create high octane automotive dealer management solutions. We're confident that through our systems, we will help increase profitability, supercharge speed and efficiency within your businesses and provide an overall positive customer experience. Together, we will work to ensure that you have maximum performance at every turn.

Track Progress

Utilizing our experience and industry knowledge, you will be guaranteed to find the tools and experience necessary to grow your business. With the click of a button, our DMS software allows you to track activity with speed and efficiency. You'll know exactly what strategies are working each and every time. We specialize in helping you achieve greater revenue and massive profitability.

Your Solutions At Work

Competition is very fierce in the industry today. Dealerships have to contend with virtual showrooms of competition everywhere. Today, customers are able to stay on top of pricing and incentives now, more so than ever. Additionally, they are able to research competitive prices in seconds. Our systems ensure that your inventories and promotions will continually reach your customers. Constant communication is one of the many features we provide to keep your business running smoothly.

Stay Customer Focused

The rapid pace and up the second details required to run an effective dealership poses a major challenge. In considering the many moving parts a dealership carries, we have developed systems to ensure that your operation runs smoothly. Our systems will enable you to concentrate on building more business and generating a growing list of loyal customers.

Win The Race

With every customer, we pride ourselves with providing your business with the power to grow your business, every second of the day. Working together, we can help you invite your customers to feel a positive buying experience. With a swipe of a finger, they'll have access to your inventory and will be empowered with the information to make buying decisions. Our industry experience, determination and passion for our clients enable us to provide you with the tools necessary to be the best. Why risk your reputation with other programs that don't fit the exact needs of your dealership? With Carazor, you'll feel safe knowing your future is in good hands.

Dealer Messenger

What makes a great dealership? Inventory? Pricing? Customer service?

In short, all of the above. However, in order to maximize your dealership's potential, you need solutions custom designed specifically to work with you. You might have the best inventory or the best prices around, but if you aren't reaching your customers, you're left with an expensive parking lot. As a result, aims to develop top notch dealer management solutions.

Because of this, we're confident that implementing our products into your business, you will notice more profitability, lightning fast speed and efficiency within your businesses and will provide your customers an overall one of a kind experience. Working side by side, we can provide unparalleled performance in every aspect of your dealership online.

Reach Out To Your Customers

Communication is an extremely important part of running a successful dealership. You need to stay on top of your customers needs and find ways to meet their demands. Our Carazor Messenger enables you to engage every potential customer. By gaining increased visibility, you now have the power to reach unlimited sales targets. Carazor Messenger will keep you constantly connected with customers through your website and listings on the Motors network.

Increased Visibility

In order to maximize your potential, you need to reach the widest audience. In addition to hosting your listings on your own site, your listings can be linked to our website,, in order to move vehicles quickly and with just one click. What's more, our dealer portal allows you to communicate with other dealers on our dealer2dealer network to effectively discount inventory you want to move quickly.

Make Your Job Easier

We know your job isn't to just sell cars. A car dealership is like a fine Swiss watch. Each part must move in sync with the next to ensure a successful operation. Because of our extensive experience in the automotive industry, we understand the complexities associated with the day to day operations of a car dealership. The good news is that we are here to help you. We have developed systems in order to streamline the tedious day to day tasks at your dealership. As a result, you will find yourself free from distractions with the ability to concentrate on the things that matter most - your customers. As you know, treating one customer like gold can lead to a long line of referrals.

Commitment To Excellence

It takes a lot of work to get to the top. Daily, you face competition and you need to be one step faster to move ahead of the pack. As a result, you need a partner who carries the same drive and passion as you do. At Carazor, we pride ourselves on being focused to deliver the best for our clients.

Mobile Solutions

Say Hello to Your Future

Utilizing our experience and industry knowledge, you will be guaranteed to find the tools and experience necessary to grow your business. With the click of a button, our DMS software allows you to track activity with speed and efficiency. You'll know exactly what strategies are working each and every time. We specialize in helping you achieve greater revenue and massive profitability.

What's more, we integrate industry-specific technology with search engine optimization to ensure that you are equipped to top your competitors. These days, consumers want a centralized location to meet their car buying needs. We work hard, continuing to make strides in providing a hassle free experience for our clients.

Time Is Money

Our dealer2dealer portal enables you to connect with other dealers to discount surplus inventory quickly and easily. As a result, you can easily make adjustments to better fit your sales strategies and ensure your inventory is constantly up to the minute. We are passionate about what we do and we continue to work hard to constantly improve the experience for our clients.

Build More Profits

Not all DMS systems are created equally! Our system is designed to make your life easier. We know you don't want to waste your day with unprofitable tasks, our systems enable you to be where your customers are. Through our DMS, mobile apps and Carazor Messenger, you can be assured that our products will help you achieve more productivity towards your bottom line.

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