Privacy Policy

General Info

This policy sets out how a trading name of (Motors Co Ltd) collects and uses your personal information.

By accessing our network of websites you are agreeing to the use and disclosure of your personal information set out in this privacy policy.

What personal information is collected

Carazor collects personal information that it considers necessary to provide the wide range of services that are on offer.

Personal information collected by Carazor may include:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • bank account and credit account details
  • user ID's and passwords
  • the services provided to you
  • Records of content and any communications with Carazor.

How is personal information used

Your personal Information could be used for any of the following reasons:

  • to provide you with up-to-date services that you have requested
  • for customer service and billing
  • to conduct online surveys to determine use and satisfaction with your Carazor experience
  • to generate statistics
  • to promote special offers and other services directly to you
  • to create personalised advertising within your browsing experience on our website to research and improve your Carazor experience

How is personal information collected

Carazor collects personal information in a number of ways, including:

  • directly from you when you provide information directly to Carazor in person, by phone or in writing
  • directly from you when you communicate with Carazor or any other person using Carazor Communications Services from third parties such as: Carazor related companies; resellers of Carazor services and service providers to Carazor.

How is personal information used

Carazor may disclose personal information to individuals and organisations other than Carazor. The organisations to which we may disclose personal information include:

  • Carazor staff
  • the public if you advertise with Carazor
  • individuals and organisations that advertise with Carazor if you submit an enquiry with Carazor.
  • outsourced service providers who assist Carazor to provide services including: information technology providers, marketing and market research advisers, professional advisers government and regulatory authorities as required by law

How to access your personal information

To access your personal information please navigate to your our Login page.

When you visit our website we record anonymous information such as your IP address, time, date, referring url, pages accessed and documents downloaded, type of browser and operating system you are on.

Carazor also uses 'cookies'. Cookies can be used to provide the user with a full range of services and aid you in remembering your preferences. Carazor is not responsible for any linked websites and we highly recommend that you read any privacy policy of Linked websites before disclosing your personal information to them.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time.